Aurora Model A14-X-C Filtration System


One used Aurora/All-Weld A14-X-C Filtration System, C22 Hastelloy, 1 sq. ft. filter area, 2L min / 15L max cake capacity, The Bottom Chamber is the Vacuum Nutsche, The Top Chamber is the Glove Box with one Glove Port and one Product Chute. The Top Chamber is fitted with an insulated Heating/Cooling Jacket. This jacket is designed for use of heat transfer fluids such as Brine, Glycol, etc, (not for steam) operating at 50 to 75psi (bar) in a temperature range of –30C to 100C (-22F to 212F). The jacket covers the maximum slurry depth in the Top Chamber and aids in the filtration and drying sequences.  SOLD