LCI Fuji Paudel MG-55 Multi-Gran Granulator & QJ-230-T-1 Marumerizer

Used LCI Fuji Paudal Extruder Spheronizer system, model MG-55-1 Multi Gran extruder, stainless steel construction with hopper and screw, nominally rated 15-25 kg/hour through put, currently set up as radial extruder, on base with approximately 1 hp motor, with free standing LCI Marumerizer spheronizer, model QJ-230T-2, stainless steel construction, 230 mm diameter disk, jacketed bowl, on base with approximately 1 hp motor, both extruder and marumerizer have individual HMI controls, extruder serial# 3511551, spheronizer serial# 4101951, built 2005.