Gummy Line

Inventory #12271

Used Kugler Monoblock 'Flexofill' Volumetric Filling Line

Kugler Monoblock 'Flexofill' Volumetric Filling Line

Inventory #9872

One used Kugler monobloc volumetric liquid filling unit, model Flexofill, serial# PR-263005.11.02, 2003, (2) piston deisgn with multiple piston sizes, single chuck capper with vibrating bowl cap fe...

Used CVC Packaging Line

CVC Packaging Line

Inventory #12090

CVC Packaging Line, Includes the following items, 48'' Stainless Steel Accumulating Table Steam Tunnel Capper Cottoner PDC Neckbander Lane Counter Parker Boiler Inventory #: #12090

Used Perfume Filling Line

Perfume Filling Line

Inventory #11240

Used Single Perfume Filler, includes a Bulk Cooler Model No. DE150, Serial No. 14822, Approx 150 gallons with jacket and chiller also has a small mixer mounted thru the cover Perfume Filling Line

Used Gel Filling Line

Gel Filling Line

Inventory #11239

Used 8 Head Piston Filler w/ 10' of conveyor, includes 2 sets of pistons, storage bin and 6 spindle capper with speed control, Conveyor size is 96'' long x 4 1/2'' width Gel Filling Line