Inever 6 Lane Stick Pack

Inever 6 Lane Stick Pack

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Used InvPack 6 Lane Stick Pack Machine, Excellent Condition! Inever Model SP600 Stickpack Machine (QTY-1) Inever Model SP600 Stickpack Machine, including: - Power Supply: 400VAC, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz - Air consumption: 80 psi - Painted steel gray frame and exposed parts; 316 stainless steel on all product contact parts - B&R controls with color HMI - Ethernet connection through IP address - Flash memory card - One set of forming collars - Guarding and e-stop to CE safety standards - One (1) set of instruction and maintenance manuals - Palletizing and crating of equipment - FOB East Coast USA Port Vertical film centering (QTY-1) A photocell detects and corrects the centering of the film Hopper level control (QTY-1) Enables the operator to check the product inside the hopper to maintain a constant level of product Inever auger screw filler (QTY-1) Auger filling Mounted above the Inever stick pack machine6-lane individually controlled servo auger filling mounted above the Inever stickpack machine. Double tubes (QTY-6) Includes an inner filling tube and an outer suction tube Designed to guarantee the best sealing quality of the sachet and get faster product on the product to increase the stick output Aspiration nozzles (QTY-1) Two-way aspiration valve system used for product which present powder during fill. The nozzles aspirate the suspended powder during the product fall, then create a depression within the product filling tube with the aim to improve product fall and speed Includes a vacuum connection; vacuum system to be supplied by customer Diamond pattern sealing (QTY-1) Diamond pattern etching on top and bottom seals String format for sticks (QTY-1) Produces packets in string format.  Once the pre-selection and pre-cutting stages are finished, performs the final cut of the packet. Item (QTY) Description Stainless steel upgrade (QTY-1) Stainless steel frame and main format construction.  Includes NEMA4 control panel. Lateral film cutting (QTY-1) Centers the film reel and allows for cutting along both sides to improve stickpack forming.  Should be used for film rolls that are not well-reeled.  Cuts will be approximately 6-8mm on each side. Vacuum collector for lateral cut trims (QTY-1) Collects lateral cut trims in a 150 liter nylon collection bag.  Bag can easily be removed and emptied for scrap disposal.  Includes window in the lid. Filling detection and ejection system (QTY-1) A system to detect and reject empty sachets Output conveyor with counter and change of way chute (QTY-1) Output conveyor with counter and change of way chute includes: - Output conveyor carries product to discharge chute - Cycle counter tracks number of sticks (number of cycles x number of lanes) - Discharge chute with door to discharge the produce once the targeted number of cycles has been reached - Change of way to allow product to discharge to either side of the machine Vacuum Cleaner 2HP (QTY-1) Inever 6 Lane Stick Pack


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