Thomas Engineering 60" Model 60D Explosion Proof Coating Pan-complete

Thomas Engineering 60" Model 60D Explosion Proof Coating Pan-complete

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One used Thomas Engineering 60" Model 60D Coating Pan, complete with pumps, sprayers, blowers, ducting, exhaust ducting and baghouses, Explosion Proof Serial 60-110 Main Coating Pan Both od these units are in very good condition and were installed correctly. These units have an air flow bypass so that if you would want to stop the air flow through the coating pan due to processing issues you can without shutting down the Inlet air handler or Exhaust fan. These units have a single centralized peristaltic pump and drive controlled by the HMI. The front door is hinged in two places so the plexiglass door can be opened to sample tablets or make adjustments to the spray guns during operation, or the entire door assembly/spray gun rack can be swung out of the inside of coating drum for loading/un-loading, cleaning, and maintenance. The HMI units are remotely mounted and have many inter-lock options to prevent product damage such as the pan must be rotating, the pump must be “ON” Inlet and Exhaust Fans must be running and a preset temperature must be attained before the spray will start. I believe specific process parameters or recipes can be programed into the HMI as well as prior process data can be downloaded from the HMI for storage and/or reconciliation. Inlet Air Handler These units are controlled through the HMI and can control Humidity as well as process temperature. There are pre- filters and Hepa filters for the process air. All of the Inlet air system is in good working condition. Exhaust Air and Dust Collector Both of the exhaust fans and dust collectors are in good working condition. The exhaust fans are equipped with noise suppression. There was also the ability to divert the exhaust air over to a scrubber when organic solvents were being used. The Dust collectors are Torit pulse type. Control Panels and Power Distribution All of the main control panels and power distribution panels can be mounted outside the processing areas if needed. In this installation the HMI is the only controls in the processing rooms and feeds information back to all the other components. All of the electrical components are UL listed and panels are also UL. Summary Both of these coating systems are the same and are in well maintained condition. All the owners manuals are Available and provide the interconnect drawings for installation of these units. I would be available to provide consulting for the equipment installation if needed. Thomas Engineering 60" Model 60D Coating Explosion Proof Pan-complete

1- Thomas Engineering 60" Explosion Proof Coating Pan MDL: 60D

Model: 60D

Serial Number: 60-1106

Complete with:

Dust Collection System


Air Handling Unit

Blower Fan

  • Pan Diameter: 60 inches (for the Accela Cota 60 D model).
  • Pan Capacity: Approximately 360 liters.
  • Construction Material: Stainless steel (316 or 304 grade) for pharmaceutical-grade operations.
  • Pan Speed: Variable speed control, ranging from X to Y rotations per minute (RPM).
  • Control System:
  • Control interface: Touchscreen control panel.
  • Programmable settings for pan speed, spray rate, temperature, and drying time.
  • Data logging and monitoring capabilities.
  • Compliance: Designed and manufactured in accordance with GMP guidelines and FDA regulations.
  • Power Requirements:
  • Voltage: Standard voltage (e.g., 220V or 440V) with phase and frequency details.

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ManufacturerThomas Engineering
Serial Number60-1106
Inventory #11595