Marchesini 12 Dual Lane Counter FTC 24

Marchesini 12 Dual Lane Counter FTC 24

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Used Marchesini Lane Counter, Model No. CONTATRICE, Type FTC 24, Year of mfg 2011, Made in Italy, Stainless Steel frame Dual 12 lane counters Conveyor width 14”x 12’ long Diameter of bottle: From 20 mm To 100 mm Total bottle height: 55 - 185 mm Product diameter (Tablet): 5 - 20 mm Capsule size: 000 - 5 OUTPUT Production speed: Up to 150 bottles/min Main features: Design, manufacturing and ergonomics, in accordance with cGMP norms. Clear separation between the bottles filling area and the capping area, in order to avoid “cross-contamination”. Balcony style bottles conveyor belt with automatic adjustment of the bottles height. Intermittent motion for all the machine operations. Electronic counting group composed of 3 vibrating trays at 12 channels (FTC-24 counting 2 groups) Marchesini 12 Dual Lane Counter FTC 24


ModelFTC 24
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