Viking Masek SA600D Packet/Sachet Filling Line

Viking Masek SA600D Packet/Sachet Filling Line

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New in 2017 - Lightly used equipment for only 1 shift 3 different product configurations ran on the machine. Average batch size ran was 3K but the engineering of the machine is designed for much larger batches. All drawings, manuals and schematics are available electronically upon reques Functional machine output 20-60 cycles/min Maximum output without product 80 cycles/min Bag length 50-200 mm Maximum tube diameter 28 mm Paper/polyethylene 45/15 microns 12PET/9Al/40PE 12PET/70PE 12polyester/12Al/50LDPE Maximum reel diameter 500mm Maximum reel width 1260mm Diameter of reel tube opening 70 - 76mm Viking Masek SA600D Sachet Filling Line


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