Riva Mini Press Mill

Riva Mini Press Mill

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Riva Minipress Mill Specifications: Max. diameter tablets 24mm Max. loading depth 19mm Max. strength of compression 60kN Power Watts 1.85kW Tablets per hour 6,000 T/H Weight Net 280Kg Riva Mini Press Mill

Tooling: TSM B and D

Number of Stations: 1

Motor horsepower: 1.5

Maximum tablet diameter: 24mm

Maximum tablet shape: 25 x 10mm

Maximum compression force: 6 Ton (55kN)

Upper Punch Penetration: 16mm

Maximum Depth of fill: 8 mm

Maximum Production Rate: 6,000 TPH

Electrical Requirements: 220-Volt, Single Phase, 20 amps

Approximate Weight: 750lbs

Dimensions (in.): 25.59W x 19.25D x 36.54H

Instrumentation: The Director

Director Software License for a Single Station Press: Standard

Applied Force: Standard

Transmitted Force or Lower Compression: Standard

Ejection: Standard

Displacement: Standard

Brick: Standard

Options -

Stainless Steel Table for the MiniPress: 30 x 34 x 30


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