JCMCO 39 Station Tablet Press, Model JC-DSH-39

JCMCO 39 Station Tablet Press, Model JC-DSH-39

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One used JCMCO 39 Station Tablet Press MDL: JC-DSH-39 S/N: DSH05060 MFG: 2005 DB TOOLED 39 Stations Max Tablet Dia.: 19mm (caplet) (3/4") Production capacity ( tablets / hour): 65000-260000 Revolution of turret / Min (60 cyc): 14-56 RPM Depth of fill adjustable to: 19mm (3/4") Maximum operating pressure: 10,000kgs (22,000 lb) Maximum pre-pressure: 3,000kgs (6,600 lb) Diameter of die: 30.16mm (1.1875") Height of die: 23.81mm (0.9375") Nominal diameter of punch body: 25.4mm (1") Overall Length of upper Punch: IPT 133.35mm (5.25") or EU 133.6mm Overall Length of lower Punch: IPT 133.35mm (5.25") or EU 133.6mm Turret P.C.D: 490mm Power consumption: 5HP (3.7kw) Machine dimensions: 900x1100x1750mm (H) (not including hopper) Net weight: 2600 kgs (5720 lbs) For large batch production, Allow for single layer tabletting with double-sided output, Accuratetabletting, Tabletting compartment separated from the drive mechanism, Mechanical compression system, Easy maintenance & cleaning, Meets GMP. Standard Features: Slotted turret head, Electric tachometer, R.P.M. Indicator, Dust extraction connection, Chromium coating device for die table, Paint-free tabletting zone, Outside allover covered with SUS#304


Serial NumberDSH05060
Inventory #12164