High Sheer Mixer

High Sheer Mixer

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1 - High Sheer Mixer

Description: INDCO's heavy duty lift mixers are powerful floor-mounted mixing stations for blending drums of high viscosity liquids. The 10:1 gear ratio, 1 ½" diameter 316 stainless steel shaft and 15" 3-blade axial flow turbine provide excellent agitation of heavy materials. The pneumatic lift cylinder has an operating range of 36" for a total raised height of 104" and securely holds 55-gallon drums in place with the adjustable chain restraint.This 3 HP totally enclosed fan cooled electric model requires 230 volt, 1 phase 60 Hz input and has 0-175 RPM DC variable speed. The motor is equipped with motor leads only. The impeller is keyed and attaches to the 45" long shaft with set screws. The left hand impeller design produces downward fluid motion with clockwise rotation as viewed from above. All wetted parts are 316 stainless steel for chemical resistance. This electric model features a Baldor motor known for quality and reliability.    Manufactured by INDCO

Skidding and Load out charges: There will be loading and skidding charges added to your purchase at market rates for your convenience. Location: Los Angeles, CA Skidding:$420 Load Out:$450


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