K&S7100 Semi automatic work piece, dicing system

K&S7100 Semi automatic work piece, dicing system

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1- K&S7100 Semi- automatic Work Piece Dicing SystemModel: K&S 7100 AD Dicing SawP/N: 97100-9005-000-00Voltage: 200/240 VACFrequency: 50/60 HzAmperage: 15 APower: 3500 VA - 2” Front-mount Spindle - Air driven DC brushless with closed-loop control - 60,000 rpm max - Optimized for simple and tight tolerance products up to 6”x 6” - Closed-loop, Y-axis linear encoder - Non-contact, optical height sensing - Pattern Recognition System with auto-focusing & programmable illuminationDescription: scribing-dicing is a precision cutting technique used in a variety of industries, including electronics, materials science, and microfabrication. It involves the creation of fine grooves or trenches in a material, typically a thin substrate or wafer, which can then be cleanly separated or diced into smaller pieces. The process typically begins with the use of a highly precise tool, such as a diamond-tipped scriber or laser beam, to create the initial groove on the surface of the material. This groove acts as a guide for subsequent cuts, ensuring accuracy and controlling the separation of the material. During scribing, it is crucial to maintain a controlled depth and width of the groove as well as a smooth surface finish to minimize any damage


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