Pharmafill Model CS10 Dual-head Cottoner

Pharmafill Model CS10 Dual-head Cottoner

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Used Pharmafill Dual-Head Cottoner, Model CS10, Only this CS10 Cotton Inserter comes with two filling heads instead of one for three times the production. The two filling heads are shown close-up in action to highlight how pieces of cotton are staged in the turrets and placed into the bottles, two bottles at a time. After discharging the filled bottles, the cotton equipment automatically pushes the cotton deeper into the bottle with the company's own secondary tamper, just to make sure the cotton remains centered in the ideal position to ensure a perfect seal at the capper. The wide angle view of the cottoning machine shows the entire operation moving automatically behind a full safety glass enclosure that keeps people from the cotton filling machine. Pharmafill Model CS10 Dual-head Cottoner


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