P.E Automatic labelling machine Series SL KD776

P.E Automatic labelling machine Series SL KD776

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1-  P.E Automatic labelling machine Series SL KD776 Model : M60 SX 200 Serial Number : MA011560 Manufacture Date : 2021 Hertz : 60 Volts : 230 Modular SL is a totally modular labeling machine that allows for a multitude of configurations and application technologies. Fully interchangeable labeling stations are installed on it, which can be replaced in a few steps. Thanks to this you can switch from a system with hot melt technology, to one with cold glue or a pressure-sensitive one, in a very immediate way. The labeling stations can be either fixed or on independent carts, therefore modularity is expressed both in the technologies available and in the configurations that can be obtained. Specifications from P.E's Website: Production speed 2,000 to 72,000 BpH Machine Ø 768 - 960 - 1120 - 1420 Plates 6 to 64 Technology hot melt and pre-glued Label material OPP Containers cylindrical and/or shaped Machine drive belt, servo motors Markets served Wine & Spirits, Beer, Food & Dairy, Pet Food, Beverage, Personal & Home Care, Chemical, Pharmaceutical Tooling : Format #1 Serial Number: JA1311006 Skidding and Load out charges : There will be loading and skidding charges added to your purchase at market rates for your convenience. Location : Solon, Ohio Skidding:$TBD Loadout:$1,300 included in price P.E Automatic labelling machine Series SL KD776


ModelSL KD776
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