BOC Edwards Lyomax 28 cGMP Industrial Freeze Dryer


One used BOC Edwards Lyomax 28 cGMP Industrial Freeze Dryer with rectangular chamber, 13 useable shelves plus 1 compensation shelf.  Preparation for Auto loading.  Shelf dimensions 1,170mm x 1,850mm with an inter-distance of 115mm.  Total useable shelf area is 300 Square Feet.  All parts in contact with the product is constructed of 316L stainless steel (chamber, shelves, condenser and condenser coil).  The condenser has a capacity of 300 kg of ice with 10 mm ice thickness. LN2 cooling.  

Loader –

One Fixed Automatic Loading / Unloading System, Model AV-LUS.  Single sided loading one or two Edwards Lyomax 28 freeze dryer, system includes:

  • 1170 X 1850mm shelf size
  • Infeed Conveyor
  • Loading / Unloading System consisting of: 
  • Motorized base frame to move the loader from one freeze dryer to the other