FTS Systems Freeze Dryer, Model LP8-3S-16X-P


One used FTS Systems Freeze Dryer, Model LP8-3S-16X-P,

8 sq ft
316L stainless steel product contact surfaces
(3) approximately 16&" wide x 24&" deep usable shelves
3.43&" shelf spacing with stoppering
Chamber rated 25 psi and full vacuum at +300/-40F
16 liter external condenser rated 25 psi and full vacuum at +300/-40F
(2) Stainless Steel Walker Vessels

Vessel and condensor certified by Walker
Serial #'s SPC-31415, SPC 31416
National board #'s 4786, 4785
MAWP: 25/-15PSI at 300F
MDMT: -40F at 25 PSI
Dell CPU w/ Windows XP, HP L1706 Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse